Travel Insurance


ValuPlus is a travel insurance policy that goes beyond basic travel requirements to give you cover that actually protects you and gives you the freedom to truly enjoy your holiday. We cover most countries of the world from the Schengen zone, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The rates are extremely competitive and our policy is accepted by all Embassies for Visa purposes.


Access to medical care in over 200 hospitals around the world

24/7 access to assistance with a toll free call to our international contact centre

Online booking and payment available for your convenience and last minutes travel plans

Free permanent disability cover up to €1,000

Death benefits of up to €30,000

Other incidentals are covered- Lost items, lost luggage, flight cancellation

Reliable claims process

Different levels of cover so you can get what you want at an affordable cost tailored for your needs.

Even when you have an existing Visa, you deserve our ValuPlus cover for peace of mind for yourself and your family. So that holiday mishaps don’t have to spoil your trip.

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